The Inpatient Program- Hampden Unit

The Hampden Unit is the in-patient mental health facility at St Helen’s Private Hospital. We care for patients with a diverse range of mental health issues. Care is provided by psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and nursing staff with specific interest and training in the care of patients with mental health needs, as well as a range of other allied health professionals

There are 31 private rooms, each with a TV, air conditioning, telephone and 27 of these rooms have ensuites. Shared facilities include a dining room, lounge areas, a gym and therapy rooms.

We consider education about mental health to be one of the most important steps on the path to recovery. The inpatient group program is one of the most valuable resources for patients. It is designed to provide participants with information about their illness and useful strategies to assist in the self-management of mental health.

Our patients are encouraged to participate in a range of therapeutic group activities and individual counselling sessions designed to provide crucial support and help smooth their return to their community.

Health professionals delivering the inpatient group program are mindful of the variation in needs and interests of the inpatients, and as such, cover a diverse range of topics in the group sessions. The program is divided up in to three main components: Mind, Body, Soul.

Mind: Psycho-educational groups which provide information, practical strategies and techniques relating to specific psychological diagnoses and mental health issues. eg: anxiety, depression, goals, relationships, self-esteem, anger, and chronic pain.

Body: Physical activity has been proven to enhance both physical and mental health. Fitness classes provide the opportunity to participate in structured, supervised, suitable and safe exercise, tailored to our patients’ levels of fitness and mobility. eg: pilates, circuits, yoga, stretching, fitball,, strength and stability, nutrition.

Soul: Our holistic approach includes activities for entertainment and enjoyment, so patients learn the importance of having pleasurable activities to look forward to, to keep us busy, and to distract them. eg: trivia, brain teasers, movies, board games, craft, bingo and zentangle. Meditation groups and relaxation sessions are also offered to enhance wellbeing and reinforce learnings from other therapies.

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