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St Helens Private Hospital has an innovative program using a number of new treatment tools to offer hope to people with psychiatric disorders such as depression. This treatment is particularly helpful for individuals who have struggled to achieve wellness with traditional therapies alone. The TMS program is supervised by Dr Marzena Rybak, and several of our accredited psychiatrists are available to administer treatments.

TMS uses a very focused magnetic field to activate specific areas of the brain.

Repeated TMS stimulation progressively alters brain activity improving depression in some patients.

TMS requires no anaesthesia or medication and generally you may go about normal activities immediately following the treatment.

If you'd like to find out if TMS is a good option for you, then please speak to your doctor or contact TMS Tasmania at St Helen's Private Hospital for more information.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an innovative, non-invasive treatment option that uses magnets to stimulate areas of the brain with minimal side effects.

TMS is a potential new treatment for depression and other psychiatric disorders.

It has gained increasing attention in recent years as research is progressively conducted to establish its role in treatment programs.

There is an emerging consensus that TMS does have antidepressant activity and may play a useful role in the treatment of patients with depression.

This has lead to its approval for clinical use in a number of countries including the USA.


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